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How do I set up a date ?

The easiest way to request an appointment with a Felines is to click on the BOOK button on the page of the desired escort and to complete the form.

At the agency we prefer to receive requests that are quite clear, exact and precise, coming from gentlemen who show respect. To allow us to provide a quality service, we would appreciate receiving the following information to begin with :

  1. Your real last name and first name (just your first name will suffice for the first contact).
  2. Your email address and a telephone number where we can reach you discreetly (you may specify the appropriate times).
  3. The date (or approximate dates) for the meeting.
  4. How long it should last.
  5. The country, city and location (5* hotel or high class private home).
  6. Your choice of Feline, a list of those preferred or, as appropriate, a description of your kind of woman.
  7. To help you to choose the right hostess, kindly use the filters on our Escorts page
  8. An honest description of yourself (age, height, look, where you are from, languages spoken, kind of job, etc.).
  9. The sort of services you expect.

This information will only be used in order to meet your requirements in the most appropriate way, and will never be revealed to third parties (see our "Privacy Policy").

Where can I meet a Feline ?

Although we strictly adhere to relevant laws and also apply a code of professional ethics to providing companionship services, not all countries recognise the legality of our activity. It is, for example, absolutely impossible to meet a Feline on French soil and countries with similar legislation.

You are therefore entirely responsible for ensuring that our services are permitted in the country where you wish to meet a hostess from our agency. With regard to this, kindly refer to Art. 8 of our Terms & Conditions.

This having been said, any city and country with good international connections and a high quality hotel infrastructure is acceptable.

Where are the Felines based ?

Kindly use our filters to find your hostess according to her country of residence.

Given its international vocation, our agency works with occasional escorts from various countries (mainly in Europe). The heading Area of residence on a Feline's profile provides information about the city (or region) where your hostess is based.

Felines who are based in France only accept dates abroad for one night or more (no dates on French soil!), or shorter meetings in foreign cities nearby.

What are the Felines availabilities ?

As we only have occasional escorts at our agency, we do need to ask them on a case-by-case basis. It is therefore preferable to contact us a few days before to arrange the date, and in some cases maybe even a few weeks.

If you are looking for a same day date, you will need to contact us by telephone before 8pm at the latest (5pm on Saturdays).

May I meet a Feline at her place ?

No, sorry. The Felines agency only organises dates at your hotel (of high standing) or your private home. Contrary to numerous other agencies we do NOT handle incall dates, having neither a bachelor flat nor reception rooms available. High class escorts always go out for their dates, they never receive their clients: OUTCALL only please!

May I cancel the date ?

Given the very strict selection criteria for our agency hostesses and the considerable lengths we go to in order to ensure that the escorts and our clients are "compatible", this situation almost never comes up. The photos on our website and the description of the hostesses always being accurate, you are highly unlikely to be disappointed.

Nonetheless it could happen on very rare occasions that you wish to send back the Feline who came. In this case you are free to do so, but only during the first 10 minutes and by informing the agency and reimbursing your hostess with at least EUR 100.- (in her area of residence), or her effective travel costs plus accommodation if necessary. Kindly refer to Art. 6 of our Terms & Conditions for details.

We just don't get on, what can I do ?

Since a good date with an escort is above all a question of how you both feel about each other, it is possible that such situations arise, but fortunately only on rare occasions. Should this be the case, don't hesitate to talk to you hostess about it and call the agency to terminate the date. You will only be asked to pay for the time actually spent with your escort (prorata) plus travel costs, unless you advise otherwise.

Please note that the Felines agency companions, being entirely free and under no duress whatsoever, may also decide to terminate the date if they don't think it is going well. Kindly refer to Art. 6, paragraph 2, of our Terms & Conditions.

Payments, deposits

How are the fees paid ?

The most courteous way of paying is to discreetly hand over the agreed sum at the beginning of the date to your hostess, and please, without her having to ask you!

There can be no question of negotiating the rate when the hostess you chose comes; this is very bad form for a gentleman and will not be appreciated. Although we strive to establish a climate of confidence with our clients, it is possible that the hostess wishes to check the sum; please don't take offence.

Is an advance deposit required ?

If you wish to meet an agency escort abroad or further than 100km from her domicile, a deposit will in principle be payable in advance, as well as the cost of any airline tickets. Once this advance payment has been received, we can confirm your date.

The advance payment can be made by international bank transfer or by credit card (+ 5% transaction fees).

Which currencies do you accept ?

We prefer the Euro, but Swiss Francs, Pounds Sterling and US Dollars are also accepted. Please be so kind as to avoid using large denomination bank notes (as far as possible, no EUR 500.- or CHF 1000.- bank notes). Should you wish to pay in a currency other than Euro, kindly give the agency some advance warning so that we can quote you the exact sum depending on the exchange rate of the day.

The Rates page of our website is updated every day but there are sometimes significant fluctuations in exchange rates. Prices shown in CHF, USD and GBP on our Rates page are calculated based on the average European Central Bank rates (+ 2% exchange rate commission).

Do you accept credit cards ?

We accept leading credit cards (AMEX, VISA and MASTERCARD), preferably for dates confirmed in advance.

Transaction are done via the secure system of our partner where you can enter your own credit card data. The secure link for your payment is sent by email.

For credit card payments a transaction fee of 5% is charged.

Full discretion is exercised when debiting your card and the particulars on your credit card statement will never show the word "Felines" or any other indication relevant to an escort agency.

May I pay by bank transfer ?

No problem at all! Advances or full payments can be made by IBAN or SWIFT international bank transfers to our bank account. Do please note that your date will only be confirmed once the sum has been credited to our account, and that this can take 1-5 business days after you have given the order. Kindly contact us for our bank account details.

Do you reimburse in case of cancellation ?

No, but we retain your advance payment against a future date during the next 6 months at most, giving you much enough time to reschedule your booking.

The Felines

What services do the Felines offer ?

The Felines agency hostesses are independent, under no duress and free to do as they please. Like with any escort agency, the fees depend on the length of time spent in the company of the hostess of your choice, and not on the services she provides. Our agency takes the view that time spent with a Feline should be pleasant for both partners. With a proper attitude and mutual sensitivity towards each other, you will share dream moments together; we just ask you to respect the personal limits of the escort you have chosen.

Are the photos true ?

Contrary to certain unreliable agencies, Felines never uses misleading or fake photos. Such practices would obviously tarnish our image, and our agency would rapidly lose its renown.

In order to be quite sure the Felines correspond to their profile, the agency management meets all candidates personally before putting their profiles on line. You are therefore guaranteed that the Felines agency hostesses really are the ones described on our website.

Why do the Felines hide their faces ?

Our agency only works with occasional escorts who also have private and professional lives they wish to preserve. For this reason, all the Felines prefer their faces to be hidden.

Are the Felines exclusives ?

Most of the Felines commit to work only with our agency for this activity. However, if despite this exclusivity clause you found one of the agency escorts on another website, please inform us so we can take the necessary steps. Unfortunately it is possible that unserious agencies copy the pictures from our website (despite our Copyright) or that certain Felines do not respect their commitments (that's fairly rare).

Do the Felines accept couples ?

It all depends on the hostess. Most of them enjoy the company of women and of couples, others are truly "bisexual", while some remain only heterosexual. Kindly note that a date with a couple (whether your partner is your wife, your girlfriend or an escort from another agency) involves a surcharge 20% on the rate for the Feline you choose.

Can I have a date with several Felines together ?

Yes, provided the Felines chosen will enjoy it. In this case, each escort applies her rate depending on how long the date lasts. There isn't a group rate ;-)

How to find my dream escort ?

Use the filters on our Escorts page and find your dream hostess in just a few seconds. Our search engine allows you to set various criteria for the escort your are looking for, in real time: her age, her height, her hair colour, the colour of her eyes, her bust measurement, the language she speaks and the fee category. Once you have made your selections, all you have to do is click on the profile of your choice of escort for more details.

May I have the contact details of a Feline ?

A small minority of customers do try to obtain the personal contact details (telephone and/or email) of the agency escorts, especially during their first date and sometimes with unseemly persistence.

Apart from the fact that this demonstrates an obvious lack of respect for the agency, the hostesses come to us precisely to avoid having to do their own promotion or organise dates, as well as to be absolutely certain of protecting their private and professional lives.

Consequently we ask you not to try to obtain personal contact information of your hostess during your date(s). We formally decline all responsibility should problems arise as a result of private information being divulged by you or the escort companion.


What are your privacy guarantees ?

With us discretion is the golden rule! We consider your personal details to be confidential and the agency only gives the escort the information absolutely necessary for the date to take place (e.g. the name of your hotel, your room number, your telephone number, your last and first names). Each hostess is required to respect absolute professional secrecy and that she may not retain your personal details. On this matter, we invite you to refer to our Privacy Statement.

Do you need to know my real identity ?

In most cases we prefer to know our customers and to build up a climate of mutual confidence. Apart from that, evident security reasons dictate that no agency hostesses can travel without both her and the agency knowing your identity. For short dates at your hotel, it is possible to give us just your first name and a room number. Depending on what time the date is set for (if it's late) and also the hotel policy, your hostess sometimes has to know your real name to be allowed access to your room.

Customer satisfaction

Why don't you reply to my emails ?

We systematically respond within 24 hours at most to all emails received (except during the weekend). Despite the fact that our agency does not send out spams and is not referenced as a "spammer", it is possible that your anti-spam software (or your provider) dispatches our messages to your "Spam" or "Junk" mailbox. Errors of this sort do occur sometimes with such software. We too sometimes find messages from customers in our spam mailbox.

Should you believe you have not received an answer to your request, may we invite you to first of all check the content of your own spam mailbox and, if appropriate, to kindly place the address [email protected] on your list of approved correspondents ("white list") so this does not happen again. If the problem is still not solved, kindly contact us on the telephone.

What should I do if I am dissatisfied ?

Our agency does its best to choose people who are compatible and likely to share enough mutual feelings so that the date goes off as well as possible. We are happy to give you more detailed information on the Feline you have chosen before you finally confirm the date. Your satisfaction also depends on your own attitude towards your hostess, and on practising impeccable personal hygiene. Nevertheless, if there is a problem do kindly contact us to talk about your grievances.

Can I pass on my comments to you ?

Of course! Customer feedback, positive or negative, is always welcome as it helps us to improve the quality of our services. Please don't hesitate to let us have your impressions.

What about the discussion forums on the web ?

There are numerous discussion forums on the web covering escorts and agencies. Nonetheless, we suggest you take care when publishing commentaries or reading them on such sites. Some of the forums belong to the agencies and comments are on occasion posted by the agencies or escorts themselves ... So anybody can say anything they like, and the "moderators" of such sites are rarely impartial.

Captain69 - Escorts and agency reviewsAs far as we know, the website is a good reference, fairly reliable and correct. That you have to pay for access to commentaries shows a certain degree of seriousness. Although there are reviews of little real value on this site, our agency has a good reputation (A classification) and it is not our style to post "auto-reviews", or to give "rebates" in return for positive commentaries. By the way, less than 5% of our customers post commentaries on "Captain69" ... so the fact that an escort of our agency is not "reviewed" on this site does not mean our customers don't appreciate her. Nothing beats making your own experiences and coming to your own opinion!


In which countries is it legal ?

Our activity is legal in United Kingdom, Holland, Germany, Switzerland as well as many other states, obviously so long as there is no question of duress. But the relevant legislation is actually very different from country to country, and even moreso when it comes to interpretation and application. This is why we ask you to check the legality of our activity in the country where you wish to meet the escort you have selected.

The Felines agency and its management accept no penal and/or civil responsibility for you organising a date in a country where escort agencies or the activity itself is considered to be illegal. If for example you have a date with a Feline in Germany and you then decide to travel with her to France, we cannot be held responsible for the possible consequences of your acts or of those of the hostess.

Why not in France ?

France only just tolerates the activities of escorts, but certainly not that of escort agencies. It is a question of national law and the penalties are extremely severe. Furthermore, since April 15, 2016, France also punish customers!

The Felines agency respects these laws to the letter and organises no dates whatsoever on French soil (including the overseas territories) and in countries with similar legislation.

May I copy the photos and texts ?

No! The entire content of our website, including but not limited to the texts, photos, graphic elements, videos, design, forms, scripts, databases specific softwares we have developed are protected by Copyright (©) and by other intellectual property rights. All rights reserved.

You are formally prohibited from modifying, reproducing, retransmitting, distributing, broadcasting, selling, publishing, creating derivative products, sending, using or communicating in any way to any person whatsoever (natural person or legal entity) any item of data or content obtained through our website without having first obtained express written consent from our company. Any infringement of this rule will be prosecuted under law!

Site web protégé par Copyscape Copysentry All pages of our website are protected by CopyScape CopySentry. Plagiarism on the web will be automatically detected and will be sued.

Technical support

Online live chat support

To answer your questions quickly we have set up a direct support service which is accessible from all our website pages via the button CHAT.

During office hours (unless we are away fro some time), just clicking on the CHAT button lets you chat on the spot with our customer service department, and it's free of charge. The flag ONLINE shows we are in the office and available for you.

Outside office hours, clicking on CHAT lets you send us a message without using your own email. The flag OFFLINE shows that we are not in the office, but will respond to your message as soon as possible. This does of course mean that we need your email address to give you a reply.

For your security, our CHAT service is encrypted using SSL, thus preventing any interception of direct conversations or email exchanges.

This service is provided by ZENDESK and has its own conditions for use and for data privacy available.

FAQ search tool

Our FAQ search engine works on the basis of full text searching, like a search with Google but limited to the content of our FAQ. You can enter a keyword, several keywords or a complete sentence.

You may run the search across all categories of the FAQ or you can just select the category you want. The results are ordered in terms of their relevance (based on any of the keywords entered). The search engine will not take account of keywords with less than four characters.

A more focused search is also possible using Boolean operators, for example:

  • A phrase in inverted commas (" ") will be searched for exactly as you have entered it.
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  • The minus sign (-) before the keyword(s) you have entered means the word(s) must not be present in the response sent back to you.

Website operation problem

All possible care was taken for developing our website. Furthermore, we use our own internet server which is considerably more powerful than what is required to run our website. The hosting centre of our server has excellent and very fast connections around the world. For this reason, and unless there is an outage, which although unlikely remains possible, our website should be accessible on a permanent basis and work correctly.

Should you be having problems with our website, kindly check the following (if necessary with a specialist):

  1. That your internet connection is working properly (fast connection is recommended)
  2. The version of your browser (the latest version is preferable; Firefox, Chrome or Safari are recommended)
  3. The version of your operating system (the latest version with security updates is preferable)
  4. That your hardware is running properly

Reporting bugs

Despite months of development and intensive testing under MacOS, iOS, Android, Windows and for the main browsers available today, it is possible that certain errors (bugs) escaped our attention. In such cases, may we invite you to send in a bug report by email with the following information:

  • The type and precise version number of your operating system (e.g. MacOS X 10.11.4)
  • The name and precise version number of your browser (e.g. Firefox 45.0.2)
  • The type and speed of your internet connection (e.g. UPC 500)
  • The most exact description you can manage of the bug(s) you have noted, and of the circumstances under which it/they arise
  • If possible, one or more screen copies showing the bug(s) in question

Once we have your report we will try to correct the problem as quickly as possible, but you will understand that there is little we can do if the problem lies with your own configuration or internet connection.