Online live chat support

To answer your questions quickly we have set up a direct support service which is accessible from all our website pages via the button CHAT.

During office hours (unless we are away fro some time), just clicking on the CHAT button lets you chat on the spot with our customer service department, and it's free of charge. The flag ONLINE shows we are in the office and available for you.

Outside office hours, clicking on CHAT lets you send us a message without using your own email. The flag OFFLINE shows that we are not in the office, but will respond to your message as soon as possible. This does of course mean that we need your email address to give you a reply.

For your security, our CHAT service is encrypted using SSL, thus preventing any interception of direct conversations or email exchanges.

This service is provided by ZENDESK and has its own conditions for use and for data privacy available.

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