Should you wish to apply within the Felines agency, please first take note of the following information.

And why not ?

You want to add some spice in your life at the same time as increasing your income, you have a taste for adventure and you are very open-minded, your professional and private life leaves you with a certain amount of freedom and you are readily available, you are a very beautiful woman at least 18 years old, you have a perfect figure matched only by your savoir vivre and a good education, you speak English and preferably another European language (French, Spanish, Italian or German), you enjoy using your charms and falling for someone nice...

So a part-time activity as an escort is perhaps something for you. Why not try your luck with the international Felines agency?

To do this, may we invite you to complete our casting form, with no commitment on your side, but without forgetting to attach some recent photos. The more exactly you fill out the form plus several photos, the better your chances that we take a serious look at your casting application. Kindly note that our agency represents the interests of its hostesses on an exclusive basis. Accordingly, there is no need to apply if you wish to work with several agencies.

We make the formal commitment never to divulge or communicate your personal information to third parties; we guarantee you the fullest confidentiality. This application form represents no more than a first contact. We never use your details or photos for including an escort girl profile on our website without a prior personal meeting and a written agreement signed by you.

Nor is it obligatory for you to reveal your true identity in the application form (a pseudonym is acceptable). We will give careful consideration to your application, and we answer all applications whether positively or negatively.

Should our preliminary impression be positive, we would ask you to attend a casting interview.

Who are we ?

The Felines agency was founded many years ago and has never looked back. The confidence of the customers and of our escorts has constantly grown to the extent that we are now a worldwide reference on the international escort agency scene, in particular for the quality and reliability of our services as well as for our honesty and the straightforwardness of our approach.

All agency escorts retain their complete independence. We are no more than an exclusive agent at the service of its principals (and not the opposite as is all to often the case). At Felines, you are the boss!

The Felines agency also endeavours to respect a professional code of ethics as regards accompaniment. Absolute respect for the escorts comes before all else, and we make every effort to ensure that the dates with your clients take place as well as possible and in complete safety. We do not accept just any client; we prefer gentlemen of high social and/or professional standing, and who are both pleasant and extremely respectful.

Thank you to note that we strictly do not operate in France (including overseas) and in countries with similar legislation.