How do I set up a date ?

The easiest way to request an appointment with a Felines is to click on the BOOK button on the page of the desired escort and to complete the form.

At the agency we prefer to receive requests that are quite clear, exact and precise, coming from gentlemen who show respect. To allow us to provide a quality service, we would appreciate receiving the following information to begin with :

  1. Your real last name and first name (just your first name will suffice for the first contact).
  2. Your email address and a telephone number where we can reach you discreetly (you may specify the appropriate times).
  3. The date (or approximate dates) for the meeting.
  4. How long it should last.
  5. The country, city and location (5* hotel or high class private home).
  6. Your choice of Feline, a list of those preferred or, as appropriate, a description of your kind of woman.
  7. To help you to choose the right hostess, kindly use the filters on our Escorts page
  8. An honest description of yourself (age, height, look, where you are from, languages spoken, kind of job, etc.).
  9. The sort of services you expect.

This information will only be used in order to meet your requirements in the most appropriate way, and will never be revealed to third parties (see our "Privacy Policy").

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