Reporting bugs

Despite months of development and intensive testing under MacOS, iOS, Android, Windows and for the main browsers available today, it is possible that certain errors (bugs) escaped our attention. In such cases, may we invite you to send in a bug report by email with the following information:

  • The type and precise version number of your operating system (e.g. MacOS X 10.11.4)
  • The name and precise version number of your browser (e.g. Firefox 45.0.2)
  • The type and speed of your internet connection (e.g. UPC 500)
  • The most exact description you can manage of the bug(s) you have noted, and of the circumstances under which it/they arise
  • If possible, one or more screen copies showing the bug(s) in question

Once we have your report we will try to correct the problem as quickly as possible, but you will understand that there is little we can do if the problem lies with your own configuration or internet connection.

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