" Don't miss her ! "

X-actress and winner of several awards, Lou is nonetheless a perfectly genuine and natural woman. She's sensible, discreet and diplomatic; her goal is to be herself, but also to discover who she is. Lou is also highly adaptable and very good in all sorts of situations and with different kinds of people. She's curious too, and loves surprises, getting off the beaten track and discovering things new. Nothing holds Lou back, she loves playing the game, with boys and girls too. And she likes to be wanted, desired, taken ...

The profile of Lou

33 years old
Area of residence
Lausanne - Switzerland
ConversationEnglish     French     Spanish     
Height5' 5'' / 165 cm
Weight106 lb / 48 kg
Dress size36
Bra size (GB/FR/EU)34A / 90A / 75A
StyleElegant, sexy

The preferences of Lou

Clothes, lingerie Evening dresses, chic skirts, lace lingerie, corsets, suspenders
Perfumes Escada, Dior (Hypnotic Poison)
Cuisine Indian, French, Asian
DrinksSweet white wine, red wine (Burgundy, Graves), Mojito, Sex on the beach, vodka, whisky, rum
MusicTechno-house, minimal-techno, classicals (Abba, Beatles, ...)
CinemaDrama, science fiction, French movies, Guy Ritchie
BooksAmélie Nothomb, Paulo Coehlo, Krishnamurti, Stephen King, Agatha Christie, Pierre Raufast
ArtsAny form of art without preference
SportsYoga, skiing, snowshoeing
Other interestsPhotography, videography, hiking

– Testimonials –

Smart and friendly

Thank you for arranging the appointment with Lou. She is an extremely intelligent, friendly girl who knows how to put at ease at all times. Regarding your agency, the organization is always perfect.

Devastating smile

I spent a wonderful moment with Lou. She is even beyond what I expected, she is smart, interesting, really naturally friendly and engaged, she is even better looking in real life and she had this devastating smile.

She is really extraordinary

I spent again a marvellous time with Lou. She is really extraordinary. Her only flaw is that time goes by too quickly in her company. As a partner she is sensitive, adorable with very pleasant conversation. I will come back to you soon to arrange another appointment.

An angel came in yesterday evening

An angel came in from the cold yesterday evening, delightfully dressed in a wispy dress and delicate lace lingerie. From the first moment to the last, I was under her spell. A lovely, a truly beautiful person in heart, body and soul. She touched me more than I can say. Her gestures, how we talked together, everything seemed so natural. X classification of course, that's for sure! Yet quite simply unclassifiable ... once again, thank you.

A rare blend of true values

Lou is a rare blend of true values. Her magnetism, charisma, warm personality and simple beauty give her an unmistakable aura. Lou is so natural, tactful; she always knows what people are thinking, what would please them. She's intelligent too, perspicacious, very cultivated, spiritual even... a truly sublime woman who has everything it takes to awaken your senses. You're going to fall for her - nobody can resist this enchanting angel. Let her take you to heaven!

The return of the fairy

A few years have passed ... And I now know that Lou is truly a fairy since time seems to have no hold on her! Beside she has built more depth throughout her life, experiences, and adventures which contributed to the head-spinning abyss that surely add to her ravishing charm. In conjuction with the pure pleasure of meeting up with her, the very peculiar rapture became addictive. Indeed, the desire to renew such an experience is burning, especially, since it was even more delightful than the first time ...

Up to 2h 1200 1370 1370 1090
Up to 3h 1400 1600 1600 1270
Up to 4h 1600 1820 1830 1450
Up to 6h 1800 2050 2060 1640
Up to 8h 2000 2280 2290 1820
Up to 10/12h (short overnight) 2300 2620 2630 2090
Up to 16/18h (long overnight) 2600 2970 2970 2360
Up to 24h (with one overnight) 2900 3310 3320 2630
Up to 48h (with two overnights) 4900 5590 5600 4450
Each additional night or day 1400 1600 1600 1270
MINIMUM DURATION 2h (Lausanne - Geneva)
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